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Figure 2. Omega-shaped epiglottis lifted directly by tip of Storz C-Mac blade. An advantage of the Storz C-Mac, GlideScope Titanium Mac, or McGrath Mac blades is that they can be used to lift the epiglottis directly if necessary (ie, using a curved blade like a straight blade). Size #4 Mac blades of these products work best and are recommended for all adult patients. The flange heights of all three of these products are the same in Mac #3 and Mac #4 sizes, and sometimes the extra blade length is necessary. Using a Mac #4 blade on all patients prevents having to switch to a larger size. Always start laryngoscopy holding the blade very lightly (two-finger grip with thumb) and follow down the tongue until the epiglottis is identified. For many patients, you will not need full insertion of the Mac #4, but having it readily available is very helpful.  - ACEP Now