2 Responses to “FIX 2017 Conference Seeks to Improve Gender Equity in the Field of Emergency Medicine”

  1. January 28, 2018

    Larry Cohen Reply

    I find in general, women physicians do make less then men. However, I haven’t seen any gender bias causing it. What I have seen is that some women are not as “fast” as some men, which, decreases their salary. Where I work, and other than the USAF, my other position over the last 26 years in practice is the women have less overall productivity. I have only worked in private groups, and we have been, for the most part fee RVU based compensation. Now with that, there are some women that beat the heck out of a lot of men in this way. And actually, the only complaints about salary where I work (100,000+/yr) are from some of the men, that are very “slow” and feel productivity is wrong and everyone should get an equal share…and every participant should get a trophy

    • I am unsure if it is possible to “see bias” as most bias tends to be implicit and thus largely invisible. Secondly, are there any studies showing that women are “not as fast as men?” I would presume not. If anything, with the younger generation being naturally more adept at EMR, I would guess that the new generation of female physicians would be faster than the older men of the past generation. Additionally, without providing evidence to support your claims, I think your comment contradicts itself, as you appear to have implicit stereotypes about female physicians which leads to wage gaps between genders. I believe the purpose of such conferences is not to incite a gender or generational war, but rather to help us identify the biases that we have, and in turn create a more equitable workplace.

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